stone dark blue persian blue salt grade B

stone dark blue persian blue salt grade B

Grade: B

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    With fork lift: 49 per pallet.
    Without fork lift: 42 per pallet.


  • Rock salt
  • Also Available in coarse and fine size.
  • Ideal for salt lamps, decorative objects, salt rooms, food, and cosmetic applications.
  • Origin: Iran
  • Rare and luxury
  • Ingredients
    94.2% NaCl, 0.097% Ca, 0.028% Mg, 13.0% potassium, <0.005% iodine, <0.1% moisture

there are two types of the Persian blue salt in Semnan Blue salt mine: dark blue salt and, purple-blue salt. Dark Persian blue salt has lots of dark blue dots on its crystals and also because of its harder structure, it is used for the salt lamp and blocks fro salt rooms. this is wrong if we want to have all the stones in similar shades of blue as it is mine nature which is caused by different colors of dark blue. so we cannot find any two stones that are completely the same. this uniqueness makes this salt more interesting.


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1-10 cm, 10-30 cm


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