Blue Salt Mine, Semnan, Iran

Persian Blue Salt Semnan city

Blue Salt Mine, Semnan, Iran

The only edible blue salt


Name: Persian Blue Salt
Size: Fine(1-1.5mm), Coarse(2-5mm) and chunk(1-10cm)
Country of Origin: Iran, Semnan Province, Semnan city
Extra Mineral/Content: Iron, Calcium, Potassium
Possible Health Benefits: The presence of potassium in its structure leads to astonishing properties. Persian Blue salt from our mines, usually has 16 to 22 percent potassium element, depending on which mine is harvested. Potassium plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular disease and loss of muscle mass, and also its role is essential for vitality, health and stress reduction.
Use: Finishing and Cooking for Dessert, Fish, Seafood & A variety of delicious foods
Warning! Much of the Blue Salt on sale has been mixed with other cheaper rock salt. We guarantee that we do not mix our Persian Blue Salt with anything!
Coming from Iran, Semnan province, Iran. Semnan province consists of seven cities: Meyami, Shahrud, Damghan, Semnan, Mahdishahr, Sorkheh, Aradan, Garmsar. Our mine is located in Semnan city.

Blue salt mine around the world:


Iran, Semnan Blue Salt (edible)

– 60-80 Mt Annually

– Edible blue salt

– Salt lamp

Iran, Garmsar blue salt

– Limited amount

– Salt lamp

Poland, Kłodawa blue Salt

– Limited amount

– Salt lamp

USA, New Mexico blue salt Limited amount

– Limited amount

– Salt lamp

This salt stands out for its purplish-blue color of the crystals, due to a mineral called sylvite which naturally fossilizes, thanks to a very specific climatic and atmospheric conditions of altitude, pressure, and humidity.

This rare Persian Salt obtains its intriguing hue from the mineral potassium chloride, which has become embedded in the crystal structure of the salt by natural means – no artificial additives! There are many fake Persian blue salts in the world that mix with white salt or added chemical blue color that is not natural.

Although at first, it draws attention for its funny color and its original and unique texture, we have to consider its richness in essential minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, this salt is 100% Natural.


The Persian Blue Salt not only is unique with its extraordinary blue color, but also with its taste. First, the Persian salt on the palate begins to tingle and it appears as a very strong salt. The next moment the initially intense salty taste develops to a milder pleasant aftertaste. This flavor composition is particularly delicious with seafood, meat, or even truffle dishes. The Persian Blue Salt is used for seasoning.


Why do you need finishing salt in your kitchen? Our salt collection consists of unrefined, all-natural salts that enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes — just a pinch can add voice and texture.


When applied to your dishes as a finishing touch, the salt will stand out more as an individual ingredient.



Further names of Persian blue salt in trade:

Persian Salt

Persian Blue Salt

Blue Persian Rock Salt

Persian Blue Salt

Blue Sapphire Persian Salt

Persian Blue Crystal Salt

Persian Blue

Blaues Salz

Sel Bleu Person

Sel Bleu

Sale Blu Di Persia

Sale Blu


Persian Blue Salt Lamps

In addition, Persian blue salt lamps are also available on the market. These Blue Salt Lamps are just as popular as the Himalayan Salt Lamps but more special and beautiful with unique purplish color.

For example, is an online shop that makes great blue salt lamps which are belonged to the Persian blue salt mine of Semnan, Iran.


Difference between Semnan blue salt with 3 Other types of blue salt:

Four types of blue salt have been seen around the world until now. There are two main differences between Semnan mine blue salt in Iran and three other ones in Garmsar, Iran and Kłodawa, Poland, and New Mexico, USA. In terms of appearance, those three mines have transparent structures with some shades of blue and purple colors among them. But Semnan blue salt has totally different structure and it looks likes many tiny rock salts are stick together with the light purplish color which is dotted with blue color.

On the other hand, their analysis is totally different and the Semnan blue salt is edible and its color is derived from Sylvite (or sylvine that is potassium chloride (KCl)), but those three mines in Garmsar, Poland, and the USA have the mix of sylvite and arsenic.


Persian blue salt is expensive because of the scarcity and difficulty in harvesting. this salt is Extracted in a limited amount (60-80 Mt/Year) annually. The blue salt mine shows how it is scarce and that clarifies it is just a vein in a big mine.


Original Persian Blue Salt comes from the province of Semnan city in northern Iran, where it is extracted the same way as miners dig for gold – because the “blue salt” streaks within the ordinary rock salt are like veins of the precious metals. Also, like gold veins, it is extremely rare. Mining the blue salt is, therefore, a laborious task. Large quantities of rock salt must be removed to gain access to the precious blue crystals.

A comparison between four types of blue salt which have been seen around the world shows a distinct difference among Semnan blue salt and three other blue salts in Garmsar, Kłodawa, and New Mexico.

This makes the blue salt of Semnan mine more unique. Also being edible is the other important characteristic of the Semnan Persian blue salt that cause it can be offered in the other sizes as cooking and finishing salt more than the sizes which can be used as salt lamps.

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