Reddish-Orange Rock Salt


Reddish-Orange Rock Salt

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    With fork lift: 49 per pallet.
    Without fork lift: 42 per pallet.


Persian reddish-orange rock salt stones are one of the rock salts found in the mineral mines of Persia. The shade of the rocks differs from dark orange to light red in different mines of this rock salt. The different mineral components, their origin, and the conditions involved in the formation of these rocks salts make their color look very unique. Iron leaves red streaks and sylvite leaves orange and yellow streaks. In fact, you can not find any two types of rock salt lumps that have exactly the same shape and color.

The most reputable of orange rock salts belong to Pakistan and they are called Himalayan rock salt. these days, Iranian orange rock salts could be harvested from the mines in Iran via using excavator or explosion. Then if there is another color among them there is an extra process and this is manual separating that is done by workers in mine and then they start to pack this salt. workers separate different sizes of rock salt lumps depending on customers’ requests, as well. Currently, the main market for Iranian orange rock salts is India. the routine packaging that is used for reddish-orange salt lumps is sling cargo bags, also famously known as Jumbo Bags.

  • Rock salt
  • 100% Natural
  • Also Available in coarse and fine size.
  • Ideal for the salt lamp, decorative objects, salt rooms, food, and cosmetic applications.
  • Origin: Iran

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chunk (2-10 cm), coarse (5-15 mm), lump (10-30 cm), mesh 120, mesh 130


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