All about Persian Blue Salt (Price, Wholesale Order, etc)

coarse dark blue persian blue salt grade A

All about Persian Blue Salt (Price, Wholesale Order, etc)

Persian blue salt is one of the rarest salts on the planet. It is a very old salt formed over thousands of years in the place of a dried ocean, making it pure and unpolluted. 

As the name suggests, Persian blue salt is mainly produced in Iran. It is exported to other parts of the world from there. 

This salt naturally has a blue color that comes from the minerals presented in its structure. Persian blue salt is rich in magnesium. That is the reason for the blue color of Persian blue salt. 

Persian Blue Salts Uses 

Persian blue salt is a mountain salt, very beneficial for health because of the minerals found in the salt. It has quite a unique taste for salt.

It has a strong taste at the beginning following up with a soft and pleasant aftertaste. The taste of Persian blue salt makes it a good match for seafood dishes. The blue color makes it an eye-catching design element. That is why it is used in high-end restaurants around the world as a nice finishing touch.

What Is Persian Blue Salt Made From?

The minerals in Persian blue salt are the reason for its health benefits. It contains a couple of nutrients that are all very important and some essential for the human body.


It is the reason for the eyeful color of Persian blue salt. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. Reactions related to energy creation, protein formation, muscle movement, etc. Every cell in the human body contains magnesium and needs this mineral to function. 


It may surprise you to know that a potassium-rich diet reduces the risk of mortality by 20 percent. Persian blue salt is rich in potassium. Potassium helps reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Potassium is also helpful for muscle strength and bone strength and can protect against loss of muscle mass. It is involved in some body’s key processes and 4700 milligrams of it should be consumed for adults.


The human body requires a small amount of sodium for the nervous system, to contract and relax muscles. It also makes the water and mineral proportion in the body more balanced. Salt is the most common source of sodium.

Be aware that having too much sodium in your diet must be avoided. Excess sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart failure, and kidney diseases. 


Calcium is needed by all living organisms. It is the mineral with the largest amount in the body. It is safe to say that calcium is a necessity for the body since it is needed for muscle contraction and the cardiovascular system. Calcium is also vital for bone health and essential for the growth and maintenance of bones in the body. Almost 99 percent of the calcium in the body is in the bones. The most known source of calcium is dairy products. Although many do not know this, Persian blue salt is a good resource of minerals including calcium.


It is a mineral necessary for the functioning of the hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is a protein needed to transform oxygen. That is why it is so important to have enough iron in the body. A low level of iron in the blood causes iron deficiency ammonia.

Persian blue salt price 

Persian blue salt is one of the most expensive salts in the world. It is used in high-quality restaurants because of its special taste and elegance. The blue veins in the salt rock are what make Persian blue salt look so special and precious. To find out the costs of Persian blue salt, check the latest price now. 

Why Persian blue salt is expensive? 

The reason for the relatively high price of this salt is its production limits. There are very few places in the world that have this very rare salt rock in them. Besides, just like oil, this type of salt was created over thousands of years. That is why we have a specific amount of Persian blue salt that does not rise in volume. To be able to control the resources of this salt, only 2 tons of this salt is produced and the limit can not be exceeded. This makes Persian blue salt one of the rarest salts on the planet, limited in resources, and therefore quite expensive compared to other types of edible salts.

Different types of salt 

You might think that all salts come from evaporating salty water and collecting the salt that is left over; however, that is not the case. There are mainly 3 types of salts. Solar salt, rock salt, and table salty ( regular salt). Each one differs from the other one in properties and the way they are produced. 

Nowadays, around 240 tons of salt are produced per year. One-third of it is solar salt, another one third is rock salt and the rest is table salt, which comes from underground water. 

Sea salt 

It is the salt that comes from the seas and oceans. It is a solar salt except for the salts that come from lakes and closed water. 

Sea salt has pretty much the same crystals, which have been all produced together at the same time, in the same place. Since the conditions of seas and oceans do not significantly change over time, there is always the possibility to have a consistent type of salt from these sources. 

The water in the seas and oceans have fewer metals in them, compared to the salt that comes from lakes and closed waters. This causes pure salt to stay after the water is vaporized. In the other type of salt that comes from the lakes, some impurities need to be taken away. Sea salt has more minerals than regular table salt, therefore it is more beneficial for the body.

In the general sea, salts are pure with a unique salty taste that can not be found in other types of salts.  

Rock salt 

Halite, commonly known as rock salt is a type of salt that appears in solid form. This type of salt usually occurs when seawater or salty lake water evaporates and the salt is left in the shape of big crystals. The color of rock salt is usually white; however, other colors of it exist in rare amounts. Persian blue salt is an example of a rock salt that has a dark blue color. 

Rock salt is known to have treatment properties in traditional medicine. It could help improve the health of the skin and stomach. Rock salt contains trace minerals (essential minerals for the human body) and it may help treat sore throat and low sodium level.

Table salt 

It is the regular salt that most people use. It comes from evaporating the underground salty water. After a small process like removing the impurities from the salt, it is ready to be used in the meals. Sea salt and rock salt are both known to be more beneficial as they contain more trace minerals in them. 

The most expensive salts in the world 

Table salt is not that expensive since it is commonly used in most households; however, there are some salts on the planet that are quite pricey in comparison to regular white salt (table salt). 

Some rock salts cost 20 times more than regular salt. What makes a type of salt more expensive than the others is how rare it is. The rarer the salt is, the higher you have to pay for it. Most rock salts have limited resources available in limited amounts and it has taken thousands of years for the salt crystal to form. Persian blue salt is a perfect example of this. It is a very rare salt with a limited production up to 2 tons a year. This makes the price of this particular salt rise compared to other types of salts. Here is a list of some rare salts that are relatively expensive: 

  • Persian blue salt 
  • Himalayan pink salt 
  • Black truffle salt 
  • Amethyst bamboo salt 
  • Korean oyster bamboo salt  
  • Oshima island blue salt  

How to detect a real Persian blue salt 

coarse dark blue persian blue salt grade A

The blue color of the crystals in this salt is what makes it look special. The blue color comes from the minerals that have formed into the structure of the salt over thousands of years. The big crystals of Persian blue salt can not be colored because it does not look anything like the real one. However, some might color white salt that has been ground into salt grains and sell it as Persian blue salt. 

Here are three ways to detect a real Persian blue salt:

  1. Big crystals of the salt must have dark blue veins inside them
  2. When Persian blue salt is ground, the salt grains are going to look white and the blue color is only for big crystals of the salt.
  3. The crystals of Persian blue salt do not have the blue color on the surface. It has a clear transparent look with blue veins inside the crystals. 

Although there are the mentioned methods to spot a fake Persian blue salt, the process of detecting the original pure salt is not so easy and can not be done by all the people. The best way to make sure that you have an original Persian blue salt is to make sure to consume a reliable brand. Make sure the wholesaler of the brand you use is also the miner of the salt. This guarantees the best quality for the best price since an intermediary would only increase the price for the consumer. 

Himalayan Pink Salt 

It is a rock salt that has been mined from areas close to Himalaya, mostly in Pakistan. This salt gets its pink color from the minerals that it contains that are seemingly different from the regular table salt. People say Himalayan salt is different from table salt; however, there is no scientific proof or evidence to back up this statement. Some say these facts are made up by wholesalers just to market this product. On the other hand, some believe that they are actual benefits that Himalayan salt has. Here are some benefits that are associated with this pink salt : 

Less sodium  

It is claimed that Himalayan pink salt has less sodium than normal salt. According to researchers, Himalayan pink salt contains 98 percent sodium chloride. This is the exact amount that regular table salt has as well. The reason for this saying might be the saltiness of Himalayan pink salt. This salt is saltier than table salt; therefore, less quantity of this salt is needed to flavor the food compared to the regular table salt. 

More trace minerals 

Some people believe that Himalayan pink salt is healthy because it contains a lot of trace minerals (84 trace minerals). Since 98 percent of the salt is sodium chloride, that leaves only 2 percent for 84 different minerals in this salt. Even if we consider this to be proven by experiments and evidence, the quantity that is contained in the salt is so little, that it is unlikely that it would provide any significant health benefit to the body. 

More Natural 

This is a property that Himalayan pink salt is more likely to have. This rock salt is mined from the natural crystals that it has shaped in the mines close to Himalaya and there is usually nothing added to it. On the other hand table salt is refined and mixed with materials and some anti-caking agents to prevent clumping. Magnesium carbonate and sodium aluminosilicate are examples of these agents.

There are various claims when it comes to Himalayan pink salt. Some believe that it is more beneficial for us than table salt; however, many people think these facts are just there to market this product since they have not ever been scientifically proven.

Persian Blue Salt vs Himalayan Pink Salt

These salts are both two famous rock salts. They are both relatively expensive when it comes to salts to consume to flavor your food. That is because they are both rare and they are rock salts. Rock salts usually take a very long time for their salt crystals to shape. They have a limit to the amount they can be extracted yearly and this is the reason for the expensive price.


Many researchers tend to doubt the benefits of Himalayan pink salt since it is not backed up by any evidence. They believe that these facts are made up by marketers. Persian blue salt is a salt that its benefits have been proven. The fact that it has a unique color that can not be found in other salts says many things about its different components. Persian blue salt is rich in magnesium and some other trace minerals. This could be an advantage that Persian blue salt is proven to have. 


When it comes to the taste of the salt, they are both uniquely salty; however, Persian blue salt seems to have a more unique taste. A taste that starts with a strong salty and finishes with a light and pleasant aftertaste.

Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian red salt is a type of sea salt. This salt is also known as Alaea salt. This is because the salt has been mixed with an iron This Hawaiian salt is used in Hawaiian traditional dishes. Some use this salt cleanse and purify homes and temples. This salt is said to contain around 80 natural minerals. 

Unlike Persian blue salt, Hawaiian red salt (Alaea salt) is a type of sea salt. This salt is said to be unrefined and pure like Persian blue salt. As mentioned above, Alaea salt is mostly used in Hawaiian dishes and it is a famous and popular salt in Hawaii. Persian blue salt on the other hand has not been often used in traditional Persian food. Persian blue salt is mostly considered a luxurious and healthy choice to add a finishing touch to your food. Because of its unique taste, Persian blue salt is a popular choice when it comes to seafood.

Persian blue salt and Hawaiian red salts are both rare salts and unique salts that are not regular choices for everyone’s routine cooking. They have special tastes and are used in dishes according to their taste. Kalua Pig, Jerky, Salmon, and Poke are some Hawaiian dishes that are traditionally cooked with Hawaiian red salt. Persian blue salt is generally a good match for seafood dishes.


Salt Benefits

Salt is a flavor enhancer in many types of food in different places of the word. The taste of salt has become a necessity in many cultures when it comes to food. Apart from its taste, salt has some health benefits. There are many types of salt in the world and they all have one thing in common. All types of salt contain a great amount of sodium. The regular salt ( table salt) that people usually use contains 40 percent sodium. Sodium is considered a trace mineral for the human body, This mineral is essential for cardiovascular health. Lacking sodium in your diet causes problems such as low blood pressure, muscle cramps, and dizziness. 

 Low blood sodium could cause an illness called hyponatremia. This happens when the body does not have balanced sodium to water ratio and the water is much more than the sodium. Symptoms of this condition include headache, confusion, and fatigue. Severe hyponatremia conditions could cause seizures, coma, and even death. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the body requires a small amount of sodium to conduct nerve impulses and to contract and relax muscles. 

Read more about the benefits of sodium and salt for the human body. 

(ario salt>blogs >salt and sodium)

Too Much sodium 

As mentioned above sodium is considered a necessity in your diet. Not having enough sodium causes problems that make this mineral essential for the human body. Sodium intake for an adult is recommended to be 500 milligrams per day. Not only would exceeding this amount of sodium not benefit you but also is having too much sodium considered harmful for your health. Having too much sodium in the diet is a very common problem that many people face yearly. This is due to a bad and unhealthy diet. The most common problem that a high sodium diet causes are high blood pressure. The research shows that 1 in each 3 Americans develops blood pressure in their lifetime. This is because of the high amount of salt intake that people usually have without realizing it. Some foods that are consumed regularly such as bread and cereal contain a good amount of salt in them. This is the reason some people call salt the silent killer. You get used to having a higher quantity of salt in your diet and this increases the sodium level in your blood. This often happens without the person sensing a problem and can only be detected with experiments. Unfortunately, people often realize they have high blood pressure when it has been with them for a long time. This makes their conditions worth daily until their pressure reaches a dangerous level that shows obvious symptoms of high blood pressure. That is the reason for the silent killer title of the salt.

To conclude the properties of sodium, it is a necessity for your diet; however, you normally do not have to be concerned about your low sodium intake since there are a lot of popular foods that contain enough salt in them. On the other hand, having too much salt in your diet is a problem that a lot more people have and you should look closely to avoid. A good choice for your diet could be other types of salt that contain more trace minerals per serving and are a better complementary to your diet than the regular table salt. 

Persian Blue Salt Wholesalers 

There are various options when choosing a wholesaler for Persian blue salt. The important thing to consider is to choose a brand that is a direct seller. By direct seller, we mean a seller that is a manufacturer of a product as well. As an example, most wholesalers of Persian blue salt are from the United Kingdom; however, Persian blue salt is made and mined in the country of Iran. This means that these wholesalers are not direct sellers and they get the salt from an intermediary themselves. Wholesalers that extract this salt and provide it to the consumers directly. This ensures better quality and more importantly value for the price. 

Make sure that the Persian blue salt you purchase is real. Some corrupted businesses add a blue color to the ground table salt and sell it as Persian blue salt. There are ways to distinguish a real Persian blue salt from the fake ones. These methods have been mentioned earlier in this article. 

Ario Salt

Ario Salt is proudly the only brand that is the supplier and the wholesaler of the Persian blue salt. Ario is a mining company whose offices are located in Oman and Iran. Ario owns some Persian blue salt mines in the Semnan province of Iran. This organic salt is the main product of Ario Salt. Since Ario Salt is the exclusive supplier of Persian blue salt in Iran, the quality of the salt from this company is the best you get. Here are some of Ario Salt’s advantages as a wholesaler of Persian blue salt.

Direct seller

 Ario Salt performs all stages of mine extraction and separation of blue salt. This makes the company the first-hand seller and manufacturer of Persian blue salt. 

Quality guarantee 

As a direct seller and exclusive supplier of Persian blue salt, Ario Salt guarantees the best possible quality for this product.


High value for the price 

The fact that Ario Salt is the first-hand seller of this salt certainly affects the price of this product. When the intermediary is not in the process the price is going to be more economical and you can get a better value for the price that you pay. 

Salt Lamp

Salt lamps have been a popular item in the 21st century. This is due to the benefits that are associated with this product. It is said that this item gives out positive energy and attracts the negativity from its surroundings. This fact is considered valid by the traditional medicine specialists in the world. Although many people believe in the benefits of salt lamps, some researchers tend to doubt the validity of these properties that are associated with salt lamps. This is mainly because the benefits that are referred to salt lamps have not been backed up by any scientific evidence or research. This could be because of the benefits that salt lamps have are not measurable values. As an example there is not a scientific way to experiment whether a salt lamp gives positive energy to its surroundings or not, or how can a researcher measure the negativity that salt lamps take away from the environment.

Right or wrong, salt lamps are a popular item at the moment. Many people have faith in the benefits that salt lamps provide. Persian blue salt crystal is a good choice for a salt lamp because of its eyeful look that it has, thanks to the blue veins going through the bug crystals of the salt. 

Benefits of salt lamp 

As mentioned above, there are many benefits that salt lamps are said to have. Here are some benefits associated with salt lamps.

Boost blood flow

 Some studies have shown that negative ions can accelerate blood flow. As there are negative ions in salt, keeping a salt lamp around might help you increase your blood flow and help your vascular system better operate. 

Raise Energy Levels 

There are many beliefs related to salt crystals having a positive effect on the human energy level. Although this has not been backed up by any scientific evidence, many believe that this is true and people can experience an energy change when having a salt crystal, such as a salt lamp, in their surroundings. 

Reduce Stress

Because of the negative ion effect, it is said that rock salts reduce stress. Also, different types of salt lamps can be used as an aid in color therapy (chromotherapy). They produce a soft light color that can be found in many different colors based on the type of salt you use. Persian blue salt has a dark blue color and Himalayan pink salt has a warm red color when used as a salt lamp. These are two popular choices when it comes to salt lamps. 

How Is Salt Made

To understand how salts are made, firstly you need to know the difference between different types of salt. Earlier in this article, there is information about sea salt, rock salt, and other types of salts. Sea salt is made from evaporating the salty water from the seas and oceans. The salt left on the ground is refined and mixed with some additives. After that process, it is ready to be used. 

Rock salt is another form of salt that is used. This salt is rarer because of the process that it takes for this salt to be produced. The rock crystals of this type of salt usually take a very long time to be made. Persian blue salt as an example takes about thousands of years to form. Persian blue salt mines are in the place of a very old ocean that used to exist a very long time ago. After the water evaporated, the big rock crystals of this salt were left, where used to be an ocean. 

For more information about the different types of salt and the way they are made, click here

How to distinguish a real salt lamp

Just like any other product, some salt lamps are not real salt. To be able to detect a real salt lamp from the fake one, there are some properties of salt lamps that you need to be aware of. As an example, the real salt lamp is a moisture absorber and sweating is a sign that it is most likely not a real salt crystal around that lamp. Make sure that the shape of the salt crystal is uneven in a natural way, just like a regular rock. To be able to make a good decision, you could choose from a brand or store that provides a return policy on their product. This is a way to make sure the product you are purchasing is a valid real one. 

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